Read about H U D D L E in the March April VAI Newsletter.

H U D D L E No.21
Painting part deux, Complexity of Subjects
VISUAL Carlow | December 2022

H U D D L E No.20
essence and appearance
Riverbank Arts Centre, Newbridge | November 2022

H U D D L E No.19
Things We Like
VISUAL Carlow | August 2022

H U D D L E No.18
a sequence of instructions
VISUAL Carlow | July 2022 

H U D D L E No.17
Receeded from view
VISUAL Carlow | August 2021

H U D D L E No. 16
Daily Drama of the Body
The Curragh, Co. Kildare | August 2021 

H U D D L E No.15 
The Artistic Encounter 
Butler Gallery, Kilkenny | October 2020

A video made in May 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdown.
The video was temporarily available to view online during the lockdown in 2020 when art galleries were closed.

H U D D L E No.14
Liberation from Decoration
National Design and Craft Gallery, Kilkenny | October 2019

H U D D L E No.13
Encrustations of Interpretation
Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, Dublin | July 2019

H U D D L E No.12
An Ecology of Things
IMMA, Dublin | May 2019

H U D D L E No.11
To Hang Like Sardines
VISUAL Carlow | February 2019

H U D D L E No.10
Exit the Factory
Kilkenny Arts Office | December 2018

H U D D L E No.9
Productive Speculation
Kilkenny Arts Office | September 2018

H U D D L E No.8
Who What Where
Kilkenny Arts Office | June 2018

H U D D L E No.7
VISUAL Carlow | March 2018

H U D D L E No.6
Painting part one
VISUAL Carlow | January 2018

H U D D L E No.5
New Media
VISUAL Carlow | November 2017

H U D D L E No.4
VISUAL Carlow | October 2017

H U D D L E No.3
Arthouse, Stradbally, Co. Laois | March 2017

H U D D L E No.2
The Everyday
Arthouse, Stradbally, Co. Laois | February 2017

H U D D L E No.1
Arthouse, Stradbally, Co. Laois | January 2017

H U D D L E is an art writing and art discussion group that meets in various locations  The project has been devised by Saidhbhín Gibson to facilitate those interested in contemporary art to come together. Email for further information.

H U D D L E would like to thank Arthouse Stradbally, VISUAL Carlow, Kilkenny Arts Office & Butler Gallery, NDCG Kilkenny, IMMA Dublin, TBG+S Dublin, Kildare Arts Office & Riverbank, and all huddlers who attend and contribute to the discussions.